Cal 51.0

(c): Mars Mountain

ZENITH Quartz cal 51.0 (ESA 9181), ca 1973-1974. Features quickset day (in German) and date. The ESA 9181 was ETA:s first quartz movement. Quartz @ 32.768 Hz controlling a stepper motor. Seven jewels. It does not have sweep seconds as stated on other sites.

This Zenith XL-Tronic has refererence number 01.0010.515, square steel case and a somewhat scratched mineral crystal. At 41 mm wide (excl. crown) and 12,6 mm thick it is a massive chunk of stainless steel on the wrist.


Anonymous said...

I have a gold cased version of the above pictured watch. it consumes batteries at the rate of about 1 every 3-4 months. also it will stop after being worn for about 5 minutes. It was serviced a couple of years ago. Several people have looked at it and can find nothing wrong. Very frustrating. Can anybody help at all?

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know the model of button battery for this watch ? Thanks!

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